Susie Yost


Betty Collins


Paul Rice


Jean Rivers

by Susan Ledbetter 2013

Anne McComb

by Deborah Hanson 2013

Ruth DiMascio

by Shirley Clark 2010

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Memorial Information for these members:

Ann Flood

Alvia Martin

Mary Conlon

Alexandia “Tessie” Vitomsk

Violet "Vi" Osmun

Dorothy Gannon

by Bill and Mike Gannon 2009

Adrian Sadgrove


Some remembrances by fellow button collectors & dealers

John Whiteford

by Deborah Hanson 2007

There are two ways to get a memorial page on the NBS website:

  1. 1.Have the memorial to your deceased member created by your state webmaster and posted to your state button society’s website. Send me the URL (website address for that page) and I will link it to the NBS Members Memorials page at no charge to you or your club.or no charge to your club.

  1. 2.You can hire me through NBS to create a page for a deceased member.  The fee would be paid to NBS and they would pay me. Send me a proposal for what you want in the memorial including the number of pictures. I will give you a quote and then we will proceed.

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