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Button Country

An Educational Resource for Button Collectors

Click the link below to view buttons on the Paul Rice Button Country website.

There are more than 6000 images of buttons to visually demonstrate the Blue Book listings and definitions. One or more examples (front and back) are shown for all citations in the 15 material sections plus the sections on back types, patterns, studios, and 18th Century. Also much much more...

Fun Facts & Useful tips

Antique and Vintage Buttons

Related Specialties, Division IV

Bridle Rosettes

Buckles & Clasps

Button Covers

Button Hooks

Costume Trimmings

Links & Studs


Obi Dome

Other related Specialties

Special Topics

Third Avenue Pictorial Buttons

19th c. Button Patents

Button Mosaics of Norman Engler

Black Glass Poke Box Bug

The Great Ashlee Buttons Drama

Deknatel Black Glass Patents


Competition trays from past NBS & State Shows

On-line button dictionary at the Buckeye State Website

Buckeye State award trays

More award tray information

Resources for the new collector

Tips on cleaning buttons

Background and history of selected button types

Educational information on china buttons

History of shell buttons in the United States

More information on selected buttons

Dutch Button Collectors Website

Information on Enamel Techniques

Use Google patent search to find button inventions

Section Pages






Black Glass

Clear & Colored Glass

Glass Mounted in Metal




Synthetic Polymers

Vegetable Ivory


Other Materials


Back Types

Studio Buttons

18th Century


Section 1 - Celluloid

Section 2 - Ceramics

Section 3 - China

Section 4 - Enamels

Section 5 - Fabrics/Textiles

Section 6 - Black Glass

Section 7 - Clear and Colored Glass

Section 7-3 - Primer for Colors Assorted

Section 8 - Glass Mounted in/on Metal

Section 9 - Horn

Section 10 - Metals

Section 11 - Shell

Section 12 - Synthetic Polymers

Section 13 - Vegetable Ivory

Section 14 - Wood

Section 15 - Other Materials

Section 23-3 - Back Types with Pictures

Section 23-3 - Back Types w/o Pictures

Section 23-11 - Studio

Section 24 - Eighteenth Century