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NBS Member's Only Section


The "Members Only" section of our NBS website was officially launched in 2013 at our 75th Anniversary NBS Show in Appleton. Those attending the launch presentation were enthusiastic!  

If you have never logged onto the NBS members only section click this link to register.

  If you already have your username and password which is required for logging on to the NBS members only section click this link.

What you will find in Member’s Only Section:

Annual Show

    - General Information

    - Online Registration

    - Schedule of Events

    - Sign up online to be a Judge, Clerk or Runner

    - Notice to Dealers

Event Calendar

- State & International Button Club show schedules

Juniors & Young Adults

(denied access for anyone not a registered Junior or Young Adult)

- Junior & Young Adults Forum

Membership Application

- Register to become a member of NBS

- Renew your membership

Member Directory

- General Information about:

- Board Members

- International Members

- Member Organizations

- Junior Members

- US Members


- General Information about the latest NBS news

Member Section

- Publications

- past NBS Bulletins & Just Buttons in eBook format!

  (these can not be downloaded or printed)

- Articles by NBS members

- Books

Member Documents

- Beginner’s Guide

- the current complete Blue Book

- Harassment Policy

- Guideline on how to host and NBS convention

- Instructions on how to Logon to the NBS member site

- Memoriam Policy

- Information on Special Exhibits at NBS conventions

- NBS Volunteer Application  

- President’s Bio and Blog

- Link to the Ohio State University NBS Archives  

- How to Donate to NBS

       - and more!


(denied access for anyone not a registered NBS Board member)

- NBS Board Forum

- NBS Board Documents

Classification Committee

(denied access for anyone not a registered NBS Classification Committee member)

- Classification Committee Forum

- Classification Committee Documents


(denied access for anyone not a registered NBS Editor committee member)

- Editors Forum

- Editors Documents

State Presidents

(denied access for anyone not a registered NBS State President)

- State Presidents Forum

       - State President‘  Documents

Help & FAQ - Changing Membership Level

        - Membership Renewal

        - Membership Expiration

        - Changing My Personal Information

        - Email Address Does Not Work

        - Login Help

Privacy Policy

- General Information about NBS privacy policy


- NBS Publications, Bulletins and NBS branded items

.... and much more!