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NBS Membership


Your membership includes a subscription to the NBS publication The National Button Bulletin, published five times each year. This newsstand-quality journal includes articles, new research and general button information, plus announcements of future shows and meetings. You will also receive the Official NBS Classification booklet, published every other year, which includes detailed information about the incredible array of antique, vintage, and modern buttons, and is an invaluable tool for any collector who wants to organize his/her or his own collection.  The NBS Directory is printed every other year. It is always included with the July issue of the year printed. You can also have a partial access to the directory through the member’s only section of the NBS website.

Your membership includes access to the NBS Members Only section of our website.

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Many states and countries have local clubs and societies which you may join, and many state societies and countries publish their own bulletins. You can find a list of button society websites in each state or country by clicking here.

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