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          • The National Button Society Bulletin published five times per year - articles, new

                 research, meeting and show announcements, etc.

          • NBS Official Classification & Competition Guidelines - detailed information on

                 antique, vintage and modern buttons - Invaluable as a tool to organize a collection

          • NBS Handbook

           NBS Membership Directory - a biennial publication

          • In-Depth NBS Beginner's Guide

     Online member resources

          • Publication Archives - searchable by topic, date, author

          • Access to weekly button group - Button Room

          • Access to monthly Button Loupe meetings

          • Access to NBS Archives at Ohio State University

          • NBS Membership Directory - with email capability

          • Event details and registration

          • Access to Forums - Leadership, Editors, Juniors, Publicity

          • Access to Educational Programs

          • Member Documents - Volunteering, Governance, Operations